Malawi Preschool Sponsorships

The people of Malawi are exceptionally joyful and faithful. Sadly, poverty overwhelms small villages and communities in Malawi, particularly affecting children. Trends in under-five mortality rate continue to rise. Malnutrition claims nearly half of all deaths under five.

These sweet souls of Malawi need help, and it is our mission to help alleviate some of the struggles that these children everyday, through the powerful love of God. Through the Preschool Support Program, Church of the Resurrection strives to feed the malnourished, feed teachers with needed supplies and feed young minds through the love of God.

At the Malawi Methodist Preschools they try to serve the most vulnerable families in each of their communities with Early Childhood Education from Monday thru Friday, nutritious porridge, safe care while parents are at work, and school supplies. Become a classroom sponsor and bless an entire preschool class with a full year of support. 
The cost for a classroom sponsorship is $660/year per class or $55/month per class.

Unable to give $55/month? Let us know how much you would like to donate and we will pair you with other team sponsors.

Sponsor a Malawi Preschool Classroom
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