COVID-19 and International Serve Trips

The questions below are general in relation to all serve trips in 2021. For questions about trips to a specific location, please contact:
Costa Rica, Honduras – Joyce Appel (
Haiti, Malawi, South Africa – Sheree Reece (

How are go/no-go decisions made regarding trips to international locations during COVID-19?

The safety of our trip participants is our top priority. Resurrection staff works to stay current with CDC recommendations as well as the status of public health in the destination country. There are also ongoing discussions with our partners on the ground to determine the level of risk due to COVID-19. If it is determined to be unsafe, the trip will be canceled and Resurrection will refund your trip.

What policies are in place to keep trip participants safe?

To the extent possible, trip participants must agree to follow current COVID-19 safety protocols such as wearing masks and social distancing while in the country (based on CDC recommendations and in-country requirements). However, participants may be in close contact with their teammates without masks, so ultimately it is the decision of each participant to determine their comfort level with any risk and to visit with his/her personal physician for guidance.

Am I required to be fully vaccinated before traveling on an international serve trip with Church of the Resurrection?

Yes. Resurrection is requiring all trip participants to be vaccinated. For concerns regarding this requirement, please contact for Honduras and Costa Rica trips or for South Africa, Malawi, or Haiti trips). If in doubt regarding travel, participants should contact their physician.

Trip participants travel to vulnerable populations that do not have access to quality health care, so trip participants who prefer not to be vaccinated will need to wait to travel until the pandemic has been eradicated.

Do I need to be tested for COVID-19 before I go or when I return?

Yes. The evidence is not yet clear whether a vaccinated person can spread the virus to others and the countries we travel to require a negative COVID test for entry. Participants must also be tested in-country prior to return. Proof of negative test results will be required for re-entry to the US. Testing will be at the participant’s expense on the US side prior to departure. The cost for the in-country test required for return to the US will be included in the cost of the trip.

Will I need to quarantine here before the trip, or in-country when we arrive?

Trip participants do not need to quarantine before they travel or when they arrive in-country. However, we ask that they commit to limiting contacts and refraining from high-risk activities for two weeks prior to departure.

Will I need to quarantine when I get home from the trip?

This will be based on current CDC recommendations at the time of travel.

What happens if I contract COVID while in-country?

If a trip participant tests positive while in-country, they would be required to quarantine for two weeks in-country. The church will purchase Gallagher Insurance (secondary insurance to your primary insurance) on your behalf to cover most, if not all, of costs incurred due to COVID-19. Any expenses not covered by insurance will be the responsibility of the participant. The country host will help with the logistics of lodging, food transportation and medical care, if needed. 

Voluntary Travel Summary - Gallagher

If I cancel my trip, what costs would I incur?

There are two decision points where trip participants could lose money if they can no longer travel or decide to cancel from the trip:

- After flights are purchased
- After Resurrection sends funds to our in-country host (typically two to four weeks prior to the trip)

If a trip participant cancels prior to both decision points, they will incur no expenses. These dates will be communicated in advance of the decision points so trip participants are able to make clear decisions regarding the trip.
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