In Malawi we focus on self-sustaining economic empowerment, health education and medical rehabilitation, food security, clean water, spiritual formation and pastoral leadership, early childhood education, and life skills training.
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Malawi Update

We believe that education is the way out of economic poverty and by equipping and empowering the next generation, they are able to change their future and the future of their family.  Resurrection, through various donors, has been funding at-risk youth in Malawi to attend vocational schools since 2019.  The various programs the young adults have chosen to date are:  bricklaying, plumbing, tailoring, hair dressing, driving, motorcycle repair, electrical and welding.  Not only do these students learn vocational training, but the program implementors have added mentoring to help these students start their own business or guide them in finding employment.  Funny Nkhoma, the Program Supervisor, recently put together the first newsletter for the Vocational Skills & Apprenticeship Program.

Read the Vocational Skills & Apprenticeship Program Newsletter

How We Serve in Malawi


We partner with innovative indigenous organizations to drill clean water boreholes, support rural mobile medical clinics, assistance in acquiring medical supplies, and address food insecurity with permaculture teaching farms.


We support multiple education initiatives which work to equip children and young adults with mentors and training in sustainable food projects, preventative healthcare, spiritual formation counseling, and child rights.

Economic Empowerment

We provide microfinance training for community members on how to save, budget, and create small entrepreneurial endeavors. We also provide vocational training scholarships for at-risk youth.

Learn more about how we support vulnerable children in Malawi through Zoe

What to Expect on a Malawi Trip

Work & Activities

Team activities will vary based on partner needs.

  • Medical teams partner with Wandikweza on mobile medical clinics in rural communities.
  • Economic Empowerment teams mentor young adults in asset-based small business planning.
  • Teams will have the opportunity to experience and learn more from our local partners about ongoing projects.

Travel & Accommodations

Accommodations:Lodging will be twin beds and will have private bathroom facilities.

Food: Typical meals include rice, nsima, greens, and meat (typically chicken or fish).

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the age requirement for Malawi serve trips?

Malawi trips are open to adults and youth ages 16 and older if accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.

Is there an additional safari or cultural experience available with this trip?

Some of our Malawi trips include an optional safari and cultural experience for an additional cost. Ask your team leader for more information!

Do I need a visa to travel to Malawi?

A visa is required for US passport holders to enter Malawi. Team Leaders and staff will help procure visas prior to departure.

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