Church of the Resurrection's team of Global Impact Ministries staff and volunteers are living out our call to serve Christ in the world through transformative partnerships.


Partnership History:

  • 1997 - Eurasia Leadership partnership
  • 1998 - South Africa
  • 2003 - Honduras 
  • 2010 - Haiti
  • 2010 - Malawi
  • 2017 - Lebanon
  • 2018 - Costa Rica 
  • 2018 - Puerto Rico Disaster Response

Resurrection believes in partnering with indigenous leaders and innovative organizations to work together holistically in specific communities that are determined by the local Methodist Conference.  We meet regularly to learn what the goals and vision are for the local leaders, learn about their assets, and discuss ways we might be able to come alongside their initiatives.  



Staff & Leadership

We operate with a small staff but are powered by incredible volunteer leaders.  Our Context Leaders are engaged with our partners, listening and learning alongside staff, and then prepare our volunteer Team Leaders and trip participants to join our partners globally in the incredible work they are doing in their communities.


Standards of Excellence

Our trips follow a code of best practice for short-term mission practitioners known as the Standards of Excellence in Short Term Missions.

Standards include:

  • God-Centeredness
  • Empowering Partnerships
  • Mutual Design
  • Comprehensive Administraiton
  • Qualified Leadership
  • Appropriate Training
  • Thorough Follow-Up
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