We know you care deeply about the world beyond your four walls. So do we, that’s why we created the Bridging Cultures podcast.

When you listen to this podcast you can expect engaging interviews from community leaders and innovative entrepreneurs in economically emerging countries. You can tune in to hear these interviews and some witty banter from our awesome hosts. While most of the episodes are engaging with leaders in other countries, you can also expect some educational Q& A with special guests from Church of the Resurrection’s global staff. Join us as we dive into season 1 for inspiring stories of empowerment, sustainability and resiliency. 

 Episodes are released every Wednesday.

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Show Notes:

May 20, 2022
Get to Know So & So: Mercy Chikhosi

Listen to Episode 8 BIG IDEA: When you listen to Mercy talk, you cannot help but feel the passion that she has to help people. You can see the evidence clearly in the work she's devoted herself to. She has invested significant time in the communities she serves. Find out more about the work she […]

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May 20, 2022
The Dependency Syndrome

Listen to Episode 7 BIG IDEA:  What is dependency syndrome? When we've been taught that we can't do something, and we start to believe it. The wild part? It's almost never true. In this episode we hear from our staff expert Sheree Reece, and three partners from different places who are working to help empower […]

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May 19, 2022
Getting to Know So & So: Hugo Ngwira

Listen to Episode 6 BIG IDEA "I am MADE to be here!" - Hugo Ngwira. In this episode Hugo shares his passion about stopping hunger, loving folks, and doing work that empowers. Call to Action – KC Farm School On-Farm, Hands-On Opportunities for All Ages. KC Farm School is located in Kansas City, KS off Gibbs […]

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April 20, 2022
Power to the People

Listen to Episode 5 Empowering local leaders is a game-changer.  This week we begin by hearing from Carol Cartmill who unpacks what empowerment means in international development work.  Next we'll journey to Malawi where you'll hear stories from Hugo Ngwira and Funnie Nkhoma and their perspectives on empowerment. CALL TO ACTION:  Sponsor Global Education! Church […]

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April 13, 2022
Getting to Know So & So with Milton from Honduras

Listen to Episode 4 BIG IDEA Relationships bring hope tasks can't do that. People always come before tasks.   Call to Action – Try a Serve trip! Did listening to Courtney & Robin inspire you to try a serve trip? Maybe listening this week reminded you why you love to serve cross-culturally. It's not too late! […]

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