Honduras Education Sponsorships

Public school conditions in Honduras are often poor. Low education and lack of jobs often leaves youth with two choices: to join a gang, or to leave the country and their family to look for work. Through the partnership with the Methodist church in Ciudad España, the Juan Wesley school was opened in 2014. The mission of the school is to break the chain of poverty by offering a quality, private, faith-based education through university graduation.

Resurrection created a sponsorship program to address three barriers to achieving this mission.

Juan Wesley Student Sponsorship Program
The first barrier is financial need for students who cannot afford the cost of tuition at Juan Wesley. To address this need our student sponsor program pays for tuition, books and uniform for need based students. Students are vetted and monitored to assure they qualify for the program and achieve the program’s academic goals. Families are required to attend a monthly church service followed by a sponsor program meeting and participate in family serve days doing minor cleaning and maintenance. 
$474 per year per student or $39.50 per month per student

University Student Sponsorship Program
The second barrier is the daunting cost of transportation to travel to the state funded, tuition free university in the state capitol of Tegucigalpa once students graduate from Juan Wesley. To address this need, our university program encourages all sponsors to continue their sponsorship through university. Sponsorships cover the majority of the transportation cost plus registration fees and books, thus removing the barrier. Our university students are deeply committed as they have to travel two-hours by bus (each way, each day = 4 hours daily). University students are also required to serve regularly at the Cristo Resucitado church during their university years.

Juan Wesley and university sponsors are invited to correspond with their student twice a year via letters and cards that are taken to and from the school with serve trips from Church of the Resurrection (Honduras does not have a postal system).
$474 per year per student or $39.50 per month per student

Class Supporter Program
The third barrier is the reality that the income from paid tuitions does not fully cover the cost of running the school. To address this need, our classroom supporter program pays for the uncovered costs of the teacher, overhead and support material. In return, class sponsors receive regular class newsletters containing information about your class teacher, student insights and current happenings.

Class sponsors are invited to write to their teacher and class twice a year via letters and cards that are taken to and from the school with serve trips from Church of the Resurrection
More information and sponsorship cost coming soon!
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