Honduras Education Sponsorships

Public school conditions in Honduras are often poor. Low education and lack of jobs often leaves youth with two choices: to join a gang, or to leave the country and their family to look for work. Through the partnership with the Cristo Resucitado Methodist church in Ciudad España, the Juan Wesley school was opened in 2014. The mission of the school is to break the chain of poverty by offering a quality, faith-based education. Resurrection created a sponsorship program to address several barriers to achieving this mission.

Classroom Sponsorships
The unfortunate reality is that the income from paid tuitions does not fully cover the cost of running the Juan Wesley school. To address this need, a classroom sponsorship is available. Class sponsorships help pay for the uncovered costs of the teacher, overhead and support material. Class sponsors receive newsletters containing information about the students and school.

Classic Sponsorship: $39.50/month or $474/year
(A classic sponsorship covers the equivalent of 80%
of the average cost of one student at Juan Wesley)

Premium Sponsorship: $47.50/month or $570/year
(A premium sponsorship covers the equivalent of the full
average cost of one student at Juan Wesley)
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