And our journey has come to an end! We give thanks for our fearless and compassionate leaders on this journey, Jon and Susan. We will cherish all of the friends and memories we’ve made. El Señor nos ha bendecido. I have opened a door for you no one can close. Revelations 3:8

Bathroom done, ceilings done, and bedroom framework in place for the church family to finish. We said goodbye to our new friends that helped us with the construction. At lunch, Pastor David thanked us with a prayer and we were presented departing gift bags. Then we rushed back to camp to shower before a farewell dinner and church service at one of the Samuel Culpepper family’s homes. Pastor Eric joined us at the service which was held on the lanai. It was full of church members and a band. An incredible farewell!

Every morning we are greeted by Joey, our friend in charge of the camp where we eat and sleep. He’s pictured in the top left. We said goodbye today to our new friends from Philly. They are an interfaith group that worked on other homes in Puerto Rico. Construction continues on Jeanett's home. We had a God moment when we were able to buy more of the matching tile required to complete the bathroom. It was originally bought thirteen months prior. Due to complications with a new door, it was our dustiest day yet. Face masks for all two and four legged beings required!

We accomplished a lot! More ceiling work, stripped the bathroom tile, walls are up and ready to be painted, and we did some light electrical work. Our new friend, Chispita, Jeanett’s dog, approves. We took a break for lunch and were served a beautiful meal by the ladies at Samuel Culpepper church. Fue un día maravilloso!

Another day of progress on Jeanett's home partnering with our Puerto Rican friends. Jeanett's entry to the front door was unstable, so we created a new concrete step. Most of the day was spent working on the walls and ceiling that needed finishing. Tomorrow we start on el baño! Vamos!!

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